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I’m going to put on my Captain Obvious hat for a moment and let you all know: I really don’t blog very much. I wish you knew how much I said, “I want to write on my blog more.” I started emailing myself blog ideas, which was at least a start. I’ve even fired up a google doc with a list of blog post titles. It’s a nice list. It remains unwritten.

I’m writing this post because the other post that was sitting top of mind didn’t want to write itself this morning. I kept coming back to a concept that I have been thinking about a lot over the last few months:

Whatever it is that you’re doing, you want to do that more.

OK. You’re probably confused right now. In fact, that was the response of a friend* when I said, I really want to blog more, but I end up just staring at the wall / surfing the web / doing nothing.

Whatever it is that you’re doing, you want to do that more.

Unpossible, I thought! That cannot be so. I must want to do all things all the time. I simply cannot just stare at the wall, surf the web, do nothing.

I want to let you in on a little secret. You can do that. I wouldn’t advise it 24/7, but sometimes… that’s just what you need to do.

Last year, you might remember that I had a series of blog posts on mentoring. In one of my posts, I talked about how forming an accountability group is a good way to open yourself up to support from others. That support goes both ways. In the group that I belong to, what started as an accountability group has shifted into a year of intention. And that has made all the difference. (Thank you Robert Frost.)

The truth is, we spend a lot of our lives, too much, in fact, doing the things that we think we should be doing, producing things that don’t need to be produced, completely forgetting to stop and just notice the world around us — which might be the color of the sky, the way a good friend makes you feel, or the cup of tea that you’re sipping.

We are forgetting to just be.

It has been my experience when you focus a little more energy on just being, everything else begins to shift. I wanted to write more, so I just started writing. In my journal, for myself. And now I’m writing this post. And when I have something else I want to share publicly, I’ll come back and write more.

For now, I’m just trying to be.

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you are doing the thing that you want to do more.

*My friend is Alla Zollers, who is also a life coach. She is amazing, you should talk to her.

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